Smartphones – the PCs of the future

The global PC industry has been on a downward trend for the past few years while smartphones continue to grow in numbers, models, capacity and so on. With each passing season, another wave of mobile devices is released that’s more capable and more powerful than the generation preceding it. Anyone armed with a current model … Continue reading Smartphones – the PCs of the future


Speed and camera test showdown

Xiaomi Red Mi Note 3 is taking on iPhone S6 Plus! On a video showdown of the two smart phones: one well known, establish brand, the other brand new kid on the block. The result? ...Unexpected. See videos for more, plus reviews and 16 reason to buy XiaoMi brand over more expensive iPhone, and , … Continue reading Speed and camera test showdown

Top Smartphones tested for Battery Life

We got our smartphones to the test and find out which ones have the best battery life. Here is what we found. Battery life- one of the most important things to consider when buying a new smartphone. If you have to charge your phone every afternoon, then it will soon quickly begin to lose its … Continue reading Top Smartphones tested for Battery Life